ACLS Recertification: The Process Details

Nowhere is lifelong learning as important as it is in healthcare, especially in San Diego. If you are a San Diego healthcare professional looking to get ACLS-recertified, attending an effective course in ACLS recertification in Del Mar is the way to go. So what is there to know about the process of becoming ACLS-recertified, how much should you study for it and do you have the necessary qualifications? Read on and find out whether you are ready to have your ACLS certification renewed!

What is ACLS recertification?

ACLS recertification is the process of getting your ACLS certification renewed. Considering the fact that most people who apply for ACLS need to be certified as part of their job requirements, the process of preparation for recertification usually comes easy for them.

However, the opposite may be true. Some healthcare professionals did get certified to perform ACLS at some point, but this happened a long time ago and they did not actually need to administer those skills as part of their job. Once they decide to apply for a job where ACLS is required, or wish to obtain a promotion and move up the ladder, they look for an ACLS recertification course so they could jog their memory and practice these much-needed skills.

Who qualifies for ACLS recertification?

For ACLS certification, the basic requirement is to be BLS-certified. To get ACLS-recertified, you need to have passed the ACLS certification. Since this certification expires after two years’ time, renewal should take place around that time. The good news for busy healthcare professionals is that the two-year period is followed by a 30-day grace period.

It is important to bear in mind that, unlike BLS, ACLS does require medical background. Knowledge, experience and expertise in the domain of medicine make the process easier. Besides, chances are that whoever isn’t working in healthcare will never be in a situation that they have to perform ACLS, which cannot be said for BLS which might come in handy when one least expects it. It could happen at the supermarket or during a visit to the Torrey Pines State Natural Reserve.

On the other hand, ACLS consists of a set of advanced life support skills that will seldom be used outside of a traditional hospital environment. It is usually needed in the emergency, critical or intensive care units, that is, in a fast-paced setting where high-quality CPR combined with excellent team skills are most needed.

How to study for ACLS recertification?

Considering that you need to be ACLS-certified in order to get recertified, studying and preparing for the exam should not pose too much of a challenge for you. On the other hand, if much time has passed since you were first certified, a traditional ACLS recertification class is the way to go.

Although online training seems like a good, time-efficient option at first glance, it does not provide the much-needed in-class practice in a mock-up environment. Since ACLS skills are usually needed for work in an emergency or intensive care unit, most healthcare professionals who lack the real-life experience of taking action in life-or-death situations opt for this type of hands-on training.

What can I expect from the ACLS recert class?

As far as ACLS class expectations go, the process of preparing for an ACLS recertification class is not unlike the process of preparation for the first ACLS class. Because the main difference between ACLS certification and recertification is the number of CEUs (Continuing Education Units), the duration of these courses will differ accordingly. The ACLS recertification course is approved for 4 CEUs and takes 5-6 hours to complete.

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