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ACLS EDU has been offering ACLS Renewal for quite some time, this means we have been able to learn from the positive and negative feedback from medical professionals. ACLS Recertification used to be a day or longer, requiring students to do advanced things. Such as intubation, however over the years of AHA updates and feedback. ACLS EDU has been able to rule out unnecessary things that may not even be under the ACLS providers scope of practice. When Healthcare Professionals work outside of their scope of practice, they have been certified or Trained to do. Things end badly, imagine your yoga instructor doing heart surgery. Performing advanced cardiovascular life support "ACLS" can be dangerous, this is why getting your AHA ACLS Renewal done is so important. We may have found out new things that could affect you rendering aid, during cardiovascular emergencies. ACLS EDU's American Heart Association ACLS Renewal Course, gets the job done. In a short period of time, less than a day and only covers what the AHA guidelines dictate. So basically you are in and out with your new 2021 ACLS Provider eCard, issued from the AHA Instructor Network and arrives in your email to claim. All All ACLS Provider Classes require Students, purchase the 2020 ACLS Provider Textbook or eBook to participate. ACLS EDU has also invested tons to make sure this is the quickest, most understandable course you will find. If you are searching "ACLS Renewal Near Me" or "ACLS Classes Near Me" you found it, as a large chain we have been unaffected by COVID19 and are nationwide. We also keep costs the same nationwide for ACLS Training, so even if you are in New York or California, we will keep you COVID19 Safe as well as your wallet.

ACLS Renewal Course Information

ACLS Renewal can also be considered an update, the certification courses being the longer and more inclusive course. The American Heart Association ACLS Renewal is geared towards Healthcare Professionals that have enough stress in the workplace and don't need it in the classroom. The ACLS Recertification Course updates medical professionals on how to respond to a victim that is already in cardiac arrest. This will cover any changes with cardiac drug administration, intubation and cardiac rhythm analysis. Students should be prepared for the course from previous class experience, although it is still good practice to  purchase and review the 2020 AHA ACLS Provider Textbook or eBook. ACLS EDU also mentioned above it is also a class requirement, AHA Updates only happen every 5 years. That means you will get at-least 2 uses out of your textbook or ebook, it also is good to brush up on skills in between certification periods. Testing is an open book experience, so that would suck to not have yours at the class. If you forget you can always buy an ACLS Provider eBook instantly, some of our offices also offer hard text purchases. On the day of the ACLS course, the instructor will do attendance, roll call and contact students not in attendance. This roughly happens 15-30 minutes before the class start time, making sure the class is uninterrupted and students get to go home quickly. ACLS EDU offers a very quick pace renewal course, so please come prepared, no one wants to be there any longer than they have to right? Upon completion of the full course, students are issued the ACLS Provider Course Completion eCard. No one fails our class, because we do great remediation on the spot. ACLS EDU will soon be offering courses internationally and is Aligned with the most entrepreneurial Training Center out there "CPR Suppliers”, so don't stress!

Additional Information

If you have chosen to come to our all in-person ACLS Certification or Renewal Course, you won't be disappointed. Many students are choosing to take online courses during COVID19, however the tides are starting to change. The CDC is reporting we are getting near safe levels, which means restrictions are being lifted. ACLS EDU will continue to have Instructors Mask up as well as observing safe practices,  as well as our offices being regularly decontaminated.  If your AHA ACLS Renewal Course you find looks too good to be true, well that probably is the case.  ACLS EDU does not cut any corners to have the most favored classes, we just have a-lot of experience. This allows us to get things done quickly, we don't need to tell 20 years of stories in class. ACLS EDU is revolutionizing how this is done by observing all the same compliances, how do we pull it off? Students are provided with downloadable class packets containing the required class skills sheets, AHA fee disclaimer, ACLS test answer sheet and more. Students are able to use their own equipment at home, as well as viewing streaming videos and code simulations. Monthly ACLS EDU has had 1,000's of individuals successfully complete the ACLS Renewal, as well as the Online ACLS Recertification In-person Skills Session.  Continuing Education Units and your AHA ACLS eCard is issued the same day via email. Don't stop there! Consider a rewarding career as an AHA Instructor, completing this course is one of the main prerequisites as well as ACLS Instructor Essentials Online.

ACLS Renewal Class Requirements

Students attending the ACLS Renewal course must meet the following requirements:

  • Must be at least 18 years of age or with an adult
  • Purchase the 2020 ACLS Provider Manual or eBook
  • Select an instructor-led ACLS class location
  • Provide a First Name, Last Name, Email and Phone Number
  • Complete Course Registration and Payment Via prior to class
  • Refund requests for classroom-based courses must be made 2 Days (48 hours) before your original course start time.
  • All refunds will be subject to a fee of 4% to cover the cost charged by our credit card merchant processing company.
  • You are limited to 1 free reschedule requests per registration.
  • Reschedule requests must be made before your course start time.
  • No refunds will be given once a class has been rescheduled.
  • All product sales are final and no refunds will be issued upon completion of sale.
  • Be on time to attend - Tardiness of 15 minutes or less considered.
  • In-Person Students are subject to be observed by other online Students Via Zoom.
  • Students will not photographer or recorded without their expressed consent.
  • Instructors will contact students not in attendance or with other issues 30 minutes before the course start time.


Be prepared to be amazed, ACLS recertification is presented to students using the highest quality equipment. You can expect to see that ACLS EDU spared no cost, every student gets their own CPR equipment and materials. Some of these materials and CPR Equipment consist of the new Prestan lighted feedback CPR Manikins and all the printed AHA course materials. Not only do we want to make sure your course is of quality, we also want our instructors to have the quality supplies they need. In that regard, ACLS EDU provided Instructors with MacBook Pro's. They also provided them with the latest Apple iPhone with Apple AirPods and HighSpeed Internet. Each Instructor goes through comprehensive monitoring before teaching for us, and are pulled just as fast if they do not make the cut or violate the rules.



2020 ACLS
Provider Manual

2020 ACLS
Provider eBook

2020 Science
Summary Table

ACLS Code Timer/
Recorder Sheet

ACLS Medication

ACLS Learning Station Checklists

Adult High-Quality BLS Skills Testing Checklist

Airway Management
Skills Checklist

ACLS Adult High-Quality BLS Skills Testing Checklist

ACLS Megacode
Testing Checklists

ACLS Megacode
Testing Scenarios


2020 ACLS
Instructor eBook

2020 ACLS Instructor eBook

2020 ACLS Instructor Package W/ Digital Video

2020 ACLS Streaming Videos

2020 ACLS DVD Set

2020 AHA ACLS Posters Set

2020 ACLS Equipment List

2020 Guidelines ACLS Course Roster

2020 ACLS Classroom Course Evaluation

ACLS Renewal Course

Yes, healthcare providers can renew their BLS, ACLS, or PALS Certification online. All online courses provided by ACLS EDU are AHA-approved and offer issuance of the same 2-year AHA eCard…

Yes, you may renew your ACLS after its expiration date. If you require more than a refresher, we recommend you take the initial certification course again and consider a skills session.

You must successfully complete the ACLS recertification course to be issued an official AHA ACLS Provider eCard. Once approved, you will then claim the CE units by email as well…

Students must attend and complete an accredited ACLS certification course to become certified. A typical ACLS class curriculum is structured around hands-on exercises and emergency simulations to prepare you for life-threatening, on-the-job situations.

Students must attend and complete an accredited ACLS online renewal course to become recertified. A typical ACLS class curriculum is structured around hands-on exercises and emergency simulations to keep you keen in life-threatening, on-the-job…

ACLS certification is valid for two years and requires recertification. If your certification expires, you will need to retake the initial ACLS class. Many healthcare professions will not allow you to work on…

CPR Suppliers provides various types of American Heart Association approved BLS Certification Courses, ACLS Certification Courses & PALS Certification Courses. These course types include online, on-site and blended options - we provide as much flexibility as we can for our customers.