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BLS Online Renewal With ACLS EDU

Did you know that 70 percent of the population is BLS/CPR and Automated External Defibrillator certified? Healthcare professionals are all required to take AHA BLS certification courses or skills  sessions initially. Then every 2 years they must go through recertification, which they should consider taking the BLS Online Renewal course. The course is available nationwide as well as in other countries, so stop using the search phrase "BLS Classes Near Me". Introducing the American Heart version of McDonalds. Serving fast and cost effective BLS Recertification courses, if you know it as well as your favorite fast food order. Why would you want to be stuck in class for hours? ACLS EDU has found a way to minimize the time required to get your course completion card. The certificate is a valid American Heart Association BLS Provider eCard,  the eCard is issued from the AHA Instructor Network. Renew CPR and BLS Online, there is no need to come in for a skills check with rental equipment as well as purchasable materials. These items such as the BLS Provider Manual are shipped right to students' front doors, then students are able to meet all the same high quality CPR skills Online. The AHA BLS Renewal Online Course is presented via zoom, the instructors and technicians are very patient and resourceful. ACLS EDU has one of the only all online BLS Renewal programs shared with the American Heart Association, we have invested tons of capital into making it online compliant and available for all.

BLS Online Renewal Course Information

BLS for healthcare providers online renewal is available in all states, the course is geared towards Individuals that prefer online learning. Although the BLS renewal online by the American Heart Association is conducted all online, students still must participate with the required materials and equipment. Since students all have their own equipment and materials, veteran AHA Instructors are able to knock out the course quickly. Students register on the ACLS EDU website, then purchase / rent their materials and equipment. Once the equipment and materials arrive, students have a chance to inspect it before their course. The day of the course students will receive a zoom link to join the class, this usually happens 15 to 30 minutes before the start time. When the AHA BLS Renewal Online course begins, instructors and technicians confirm sight and sound of all participants. Then check for required equipment, students lacking manikins and other equipment may take a BLS skills session at a later time. All students must purchase or have a current 2020 BLS Course Manual, even for certification online. The entire course is instructor-led just like in the classroom, the same videos are shown. You will also be able to see, hear and correct your classmates having issues. Students that successfully complete the all Online BLS Renewal course, receive their BLS Provider eCard within the day via email. Provided they followed all the equipment requirements,   those still needing to take a skills session in lieu of the equipment rental / purchase requirement. Can expect to receive their official AHA BLS Provider eCard the day they complete the skills session.

Additional Information

Offering all online CPR courses is something that has changed the industry, before COVID19 struck all online programs where frowned upon. This was because they offered a fake certification card, this left individuals required to have an AHA BLS Provider eCard. Out of luck, sent home from work and having to retake the real thing anyways. ACLS EDU immediately brought to the marketplace, compliant with all online AHA BLS Renewal Online. Students that complete the courses all online, must have use of rented equipment or their own during the course. Since our all online course is still instructor-led, instructors give students the opportunity to participate in the course without equipment as well. If students decide to get the equipment at a later time, ACLS EDU will not charge students again that take the AHA BLS Provider Online without equipment. We will provide a skills code and the option for an official AHA BLS Advisor eCard, for those not able to meet the hands on requirement during the COVID19 Emergency.  The course is exactly like being in the classroom, sometimes in-person students are a part of the class this is so fun and tech advanced. The best thing is that it is a stress free, quick course where everyone hopefully passes.

BLS Online Renewal Class Requirements

Students attending the BLS Provider Renewal Online Course are required:

  • Must be at-least 18 years of age or with an adult
  • Purchase the 2020 BLS Provider Manual or eBook
  • Purchase the Adult & Child CPR Anytime Kit or attend Skills Session
  • Purchase the WNL Practi-CRM CPR Monitor or attend Skills Session
  • Provide us with your first and last name, email address, and contact number.
  • Complete Course Registration and Payment Via prior to class
  • Refund requests for classroom-based courses must be made 2 Days (48 hours) before your original course start time.
  • All refunds will be subject to a fee of 4% to cover the cost charged by our credit card merchant processing company.
  • You are limited to 1 free reschedule requests per registration.
  • Reschedule requests must be made before your course start time.
  • No refunds will be given once a class has been rescheduled.
  • All product sales are final and no refunds will be issued upon completion of sale.
  • Be on time to attend - Tardiness of 15 minutes or less considered.
  • In-Person Students are subject to be observed by other online Students Via Zoom.
  • Students will not be photographed or recorded without their expressed consent.
  • Instructors will contact students not in attendance or with other issues 30 minutes before the course start time.


ACLS EDU uses the highest quality products like Apple as well as Zoom and HD webcams. Instructors can be heard loud and clear through the provided Apple Airpod 2nd generation headset, as well as the video quality never being laggy. All ACLS EDU instructors are provided with the newest MacBook Pro, iPhone and Prestan family packs with lighted compression feedback. Instructors are also able to have students download fillable course paperwork, as well as the highest quality shippable equipment available for under $50.00 with a return label. This Online BLS equipment kit has 2 manikins and even the compression watch required for your instructor to observe you. However you can also purchase your own equipment, borrow some from a training location or crash a skills session for free after the course. Get your class done on your time, at your own home or work place and stay COVID19 Safe!

BLS Online Renewal

Any healthcare professional, including those in dentistry, can become fully AHA BLS certified online. Dentists who have become BLS certified in the past can also renew their BLS all online.

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Yes, healthcare providers can renew their BLS, ACLS, or PALS Certification online. All online courses provided by ACLS EDU are AHA-approved and offer issuance of the same 2-year AHA eCard…

A BLS certification is valid for two years. After the two years expire, you will need to retake the initial BLS class for recertification. It is important that you are aware of…

You should expect to spend approximately 2 hours completing the course, including an overview of certification requirements, preparing and studying for the exam, and becoming certified.

CPR Suppliers provides various types of American Heart Association approved BLS Certification Courses, ACLS Certification Courses & PALS Certification Courses. These course types include online, on-site and blended options - we provide as much flexibility as we can for our customers.