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ACLS EDU is offering HeartCode BLS Online Skills Session Part 2 with no in-person required, in case you haven't been informed. The American Heart Association has approved all online HeartCode BLS  Skills Sessions during COVID19, this is done after completing the online portion through AHA. ACLS EDU has adapted quickly to the new world we live in, offering students the ability to rent or purchase the required equipment to get checked off all from home. This means that ACLS EDU has the most availability nationwide, with part 2 AHA Online HeartCode BLS being offered most days of the week wherever you are located. Basic Life Support "BLS" is usually something healthcare professionals are not looking forward to renewing, however knowing they don't even have to leave home on their day off makes it ok. Instead of dreadful, students are required to still purchase the 2020 BLS Provider textbook or eBook. The hands on skills session is still also done through the use of equipment like an automated external defibrillator and CPR Manikins. Once you receive your equipment, the AHA HeartCode BLS Online Course Part 2 is a breeze. AHA Instructors via Zoom enabled in your browser, make it fast, fun and compliant. Rental Equipment usually arrives in under 5 business days, so if you are rushed get a head start on your order or tracking down some equipment from your local AHA Training Center.  The BLS HeartCode Online Course part 2 is considered the hands on session, sold separately from the AHA HeartCode BLS Online Part 1 through the eLearning website.


AHA BLS Online HeartCode Part 2 Skills Session is pretty much set up for anyone, this means that Lay providers may choose to take BLS instead of Heartsaver CPR AED. Students wanting to take the Part 2 Skills Session to gain their course completion card, must start by completing the HeartCode BLS Online Part 1 through the AHA eLearning Website. Once that has been accomplished purchase of the 2020 BLS Provider Textbook or eBook is required, students must register for Part 2 HeartCode BLS Skills Session Online. Through the ACLS EDU Website, remember your textbook is important because testing is open book. Students must also have access to the required hands-on equipment, to take any American Heart Association BLS Online format. If equipment is not an option, or you are not able to perform the hands-on portion. Then you may still be eligible for the BLS Advisor Card, make sure you check with your employer or licenser about the BLS Advisor Card. The day of the course, instructors check to make sure students have the required equipment through attendance and roll call. This roughly happens 15 to 30 minutes before the start time, Instructors also email, text and call students not in attendance during this period. This course may be one on one or as a group, students that meet the hands-on requirement will be issued the official AHA BLS Provider Card. This only takes students about 30-45 minutes to complete Part 2 Skills Session, to then be on their way for another two years as a certified provider.

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The world of education is now more so ever leaning towards all online education, in response to this ACLS EDU intends to bring the most options to market than anywhere else. HeartCode BLS Online Part 1 as well as Online Part 2 can be done via a smart phone capable of Zoom Meetings, how can Part 2 Skills Session be done all online you might be asking? All Online Skills Sessions with an AHA Instructor require the use of rented or purchased equipment, you may also be able to borrow equipment from a center in your area. The new all online HeartCode BLS Skills Session part 2 utilizes 2 HD cameras, which allows students to view proper hands-on techniques as well as full body lecturing and demonstrations. Student’s are able to be seen, heard and corrected via their device of choice. Students are provided with downloadable class packets containing the required class skills sheets, AHA fee disclaimer, BLS test answer sheet and more. If you don't pass even with open book options, no worries we will put you through remediation. That means basically everyone passes on our watch, veteran instructors make it easy and quick. Skills sessions for Advanced Cardiovascular Life Support are few and far between, BLS is becoming even more impacted with COVID19. The COVID19 event was something no one was prepared for and a-lot of BLS Training Sites and Centers have had to close down. ACLS EDU is part of a chain of companies such as CPR Suppliers and Jurman Medical, thus keeping doors open to all and supporting the AHA Instructor Network greatly.


Students attending the HeartCode BLS Skills Session are required:


ACLS EDU has purchased some of the finest equipment around, when you register for one of our all online courses. We want to make sure students know we are not cutting any corners, cutting corners leads to getting certification cards revoked. We have tons of rental equipment as well as purchasable options that come right to your doorstep, we also meet the video requirement by having access to the fully stocked AHA eBooks Library. The videos are steamed from the AHA eBooks library, offering students the same experience as in the classroom. Our AHA Instructors Leading these all online courses, are well trained to operate zoom, apple TV and more. Instructors are provided with the highest speed WIFI and Apple MacBook Pro, so the experience is truly cinematic for the students. Students can even interact with one another, this program is so high tech. Instructors conduct some of the most complicated classes, such as Advanced Life Support or "PALS" Pediatric Advanced Life Support Online Skills Sessions. Have no issue getting you through the BLS Provider course you must complete for your employment, since BLS is the usual basic requirement in healthcare environments.



2020 BLS
Provider eBook

2020 BLS
Provider eBook

2020 Science
Summary Table - BLS

Adult CPR and AED
Skills Testing Checklist

Adult CPR and AED Skills Testing Critical Skills Descriptors

Infant CPR Skills
Testing Checklist

Infant CPR Skills Testing Critical Skills Descriptors

Team Dynamics Diagram

Summary of High-Quality CPR Components for BLS Providers


2020 BLS Instructor Manual

2020 BLS Instructor Manual eBook

2020 BLS Instructor Package W/ Digital Video

2020 BLS Streaming Videos

2020 BLS DVD Set

BLS Equipment List

2020 Guidelines BLS Course Roster

2020 BLS Classroom Course Evaluation


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