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This is the perfect course for healthcare professionals requiring both BLS and ACLS, our course covers both topics at the same time and is less than a day long. Most AHA Training Centers drag out the American Heart Association BLS ACLS certification and renewal courses, with additional long stories and unnecessary breaks. We keep it to the book by only covering what's required, as well as utilizing the AHA streaming videos. Primarily Medical Professionals take Basic Life Support, however post COVID19. American Heart Association ACLS has become increasingly more popular, thus if you take ACLS. Then you took BLS before, so why not get them done quickly at the same time and save some money? ACLS EDU offers the ACLS BLS Renewal and Certification nationwide, led by only the most experienced AHA Instructors guaranteed! Respiratory arrest is the leading cause of cardiac arrest, with COVID19 ravaging respiratory systems worldwide. The blended learning of both American Heart Association CPR courses, takes students beyond just being able to respond with chest compressions. Pre hospital response, utilizing high quality CPR from BLS and high performance teams saves lives.

BLS ACLS Bundle Course Information

Basic Life Support "BLS" and Advanced Cardiovascular Life Support "ACLS" is geared towards those working in critical care environments. ACLS EDU does a great job of helping individuals pass stress free, beginning with the basics covered in American Heart Association BLS. Then following use of course materials, purchased prior to registration. Students learn ACLS with a breeze, ACLS EDU only teaches what is required. We do not have our students perform difficult things such as intubation and iv placement, as many of those rendering ACLS these days. Would simply not be qualified to do such procedures in their scope of practice, if you have questions about this please contact us. Students must purchase the current 2020 BLS and ACLS Provider Course Manual or eBook, as required by the American Heart Association. American Heart Association BLS and ACLS students must be registered through the ACLS EDU website. The day of the course instructors will contact students not in attendance by phone, email and text. Attendance and roll call roughly happens 15 to 30 minutes before the start time. Each student will have access to their own equipment and materials, as well as being issued both the AHA ACLS Provider and BLS Provider eCards the same day via email.

Additional Information

Many students are thrilled to know that they can get both certifications or recertifications done the same day, most people are under the impression that you have to take separate classes. Financially the BLS ACLS Bundle course is a better deal as well, coming in with a hefty discount. It's almost like BLS is free, so if you are searching for Free BLS Classes you have to take ACLS anyways. Remember you get what you pay for, so we may not be the cheapest class in town. However it's the least stressful and basically everyone passes, so why gamble on a few bucks. The Instructor can even assist students that have completed the hands-on portion, claiming or printing out their official BLS and ACLS  Provider eCard right at the class. ACLS EDU provides each student with a 2 pocket folder containing the required class skills sheets, AHA fee disclaimer, BLS and ACLS test answer sheet and more. We will remain open during COVID19 as a national organization, with numerous locations to choose from. 


Students attending the BLS / ACLS Provider Combo Course are required:

  • Must be at-least 18 years of age or with an adult
  • Purchase the 2020 BLS Provider Manual or eBook
  • Purchase the 2020 ACLS Provider Manual or eBook
  • Select a instructor-led classroom location
  • Provide a First Name, Last Name, Email and Phone Number
  • Be on time to attend - Tardiness of 15 minutes or less considered
  • Cancel within 48 hours of class date for a full refund or reschedule twice


You wont regret choosing ACLS EDU for your Basic Life Support and Advanced Cardiac Life Support Class, we will make it an unforgettable experience. The second you walk through the door for your skills session, renewal or certification class. Students notice the cleanliness and are aware of the smell of cleaner in the air, COVID19 has made us all more aware and we will continue to observe COVID19 safety practices. The majority of our instructors are fully vaccinated as well, we even check temperatures daily. ACLS has the best new lighted 2021 Prestan manikins for each student, in addition to AED Trainers and other AHA Materials. Right down the hall from the classroom, lyes the ultimate refreshment area, and high speed wifi throughout the whole facility. Don't worry about parking either, our offices are class A buildings with hundreds of spots. Students without access to a computer or printer, may use our free computer lab to print their eCards.


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