Do I Get CE Credits for PALS?

Your road to PALS certification in San Diego is easier than ever on account of the flexible schedule of PALS classes held by San Diego’s best instructors. As long as you have the necessary qualifications for PALS, nothing is stopping you from going for it.

But whether you are required to be PALS-certified, want to change your career path or improve your job prospects, you might be wondering if PALS also counts as continuing education in the state of California. Read on!

Does PALS count as CE?

In short, it does. For some fields, PALS is a CE (continuing education) requirement set by the state or a healthcare institution. Nurses, doctors and other healthcare professionals typically decide to obtain their PALS certification or recertification either because it is their current or future job requirement.

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Some healthcare professionals are not required to administer pediatric advanced life support as part of their job but they apply for PALS certification nonetheless, usually because they want to keep their options open.

Is CE the same as CEU?

CE stands for Continuing Education, whereas CEU stands for Continuing Education Unit. Continuing Education Units are units of credit defined as 10 contact hours. Each contact hour is 60 minutes long. These units are awarded to professionals for attending education and training programs designed to certify them or license them for practise in a particular area. CE represents the various activities based on which CEUs are awarded.

How is CEU different from CME?

Essentially, the difference is that CEU is the umbrella term which applies to continuing education in various professions. CME, on the other hand, stand for Continuing Medical Education and therefore solely applies to the field of healthcare and medical professionals.

Various activities are considered CME. Their purpose, however, is the same: to help healthcare professionals maintain their knowledge, skills and level of performance or further increase and develop their expertise.

The annual CME requirement is therefore designed to protect the interests of the patients and the public, as well as to protect the good reputation and maintain a unique standard in the medical profession.

Does PALS count as CEU in California?

CEU requirements vary by state. There are even states that have no CEU requirements whatsoever, although healthcare institutions across the country may have CEU requirements of their own.

In case of California, the requirement for nurses is 20 contact hours. The number of CEU or CME contact hours awarded depends on the type of ACLS course. Namely:

  • ACLS certification course is approved for 8 CEU/CME contact hours;
  • ACLS recertification course is approved for 4 CEU/CME contact hours.

The same applies to PALS and NRP courses.

Your quickest path to PALS certification in San Diego

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