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PALS Renewal Online

Where do I take an online PALS course?

ACLS EDU offers comprehensive PALS courses led by seasoned instructors that are trained to teach the skills needed to evaluate and act fast in an emergency. Our online PALS certification…

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Who needs to become PALS certified?

Generally speaking, physicians, nurses, and paramedics are required to be PALS certified. Even if you’re not a healthcare professional, first responders and everyday people can benefit greatly from knowing what…

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Why train with ACLS EDU?

At the onset of a cardiac emergency, acting quickly and effectively can separate a child from life and death. Untreated respiratory or cardiac episodes can come with grave consequences, especially…

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Get PALS Certified with the Best at ACLS EDU

When it comes to PALS certification, don’t settle for anything but the best. ACLS EDU is dedicated to providing quality AHA-accredited training to give you the skills and confidence to act…

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Can I take an online PALS course?

The short answer? Yes, you can take an online PALS class. However, not all online courses provide AHA-approved PALS certification. At ACLS EDU, our online classes are designed to go hand-in-hand with separate…

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Where do I take a PALS course?

The gold standard for accredited PALS certification is taking a class at an AHA-authorized training center, like ACLS EDU. With 40 years as an AHA training site, we train our students to…

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