How Long Do You Have To Renew Your PALS After It Expires?

You were diligent and received your PALS (Basic Life Support) certification fair and square but in the meantime, you had your plate full and lost track of time. Before you knew it, the year 2020 was almost up and your PALS certification has expired or is about to expire. Now you’re not sure if you need to attend PALS certification or PALS recertification classes in San Diego so that you can take and pass the PALS exam and get your certification back. Since you consider time a precious commodity, you’re probably wondering how long do you have to renew your PALS after it expires. We answer all your questions!

How long is the PALS certification valid?

Both PALS certification and PALS recertification are valid for two years, meaning renewal is due every two years. As in the case of NRP programs, the certification or recertification courses that you need to attend must comply with American Heart Association’s guidelines.

Wondering how long do you have to renew your PALS after it expires (which it already has)?

The two-year period is the full validity period, but you do get a 30-day grace period! However, if you miss that whole window period, you have to go through the whole process again in order to get recertified. But worry not, it’s not the end of the world – being recertified before official expiration is simply easier.

Which course do you need to take after PALS expires?

For most course providers, an PALS recertification will be perfectly acceptable once your PALS expires – no need to take a certification course, regardless of the lapse of time length. This means putting less effort, less time and less money into the endeavor, and still being awarded the same card that you received the first time around.

Wondering (ahead of time) how long do you have to renew your PALS after it expires?

If you’ve noticed that your PALS is soon to expire just in time to take the recertification course, wonderful! As long as your PALS still hasn’t expired, get on with the recertification course as soon as possible and avoid a lapse in certification. Remember, you also have the 30-day grace period!

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