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HeartCode PALS is the AHA’s blended learning delivery method for the AHA’s PALS Course. HeartCode blended learning delivers quality resuscitation education regardless of where providers are located and gives them more control to complete the course at their own pace. Providers first complete the online portion of HeartCode PALS and then complete a hands-on skills session with an AHA PALS Instructor or a HeartCode compatible manikin.

Additional Information

Students attend HeartCode PALS Skills Session after completing the HeartCode PALS Online Part 1, students will attend the structured, Instructor-led hands-on skills session that focuses on meaningful skills practice, debriefing, team scenarios, discussions of local protocols and skills testing.

The HeartCode PALS Skills Session Online Instructor-led course is presented by zoom, making it easy for student’s to participate from home or work. The new all HeartCode PALS Skills Session  utilizes 2 HD camera’s, which allows students to view proper hands-on techniques as well as full body lecturing and demonstrations. Student’s are able to been seen, heard and corrected via their device of choice. Student’s are required to participate with their own hands-on equipment purchased from the store, allowing for skills check off during the course and issuance of the official AHA PALS Provider eCard. Alternatively in lieu of hands-on participation and equipment purchase students may earn credit for the lecture only. Then attend an applicable in-person skills session to satisfy the hands-on requirement after the course, for issuance of official AHA PALS provider eCard.


Students attending the HeartCode PALS Skills Session required:

  • Must be at-least 18 years of age or with an adult
  • Purchase the 2020 PALS Provider Manual or eBook
  • Complete HeartCode PALS Online Part 1
  • Purchase the Infant CPR Anytime Kit
  • Purchase the WNL Practi-CRM CPR Monitor
  • Select a instructor-led classroom location for Skills
  • Provide a First Name, Last Name, Email and Phone Number
  • Be on time to attend – Tardiness of 15 minutes or less considered
  • Cancel within 48 hours of class date for a full refund or reschedule twice

PALS Provider Course Completion eCard, valid for two years


ACLS EDU provides online, onsite, blended and classroom American Heart Association BLS, ACLS & PALS certification courses.