San Diego CEN Review Courses

San Diego CEN Review Courses

Board Certification is an achievement that delivers the power of confidence, personal satisfaction and career success.

Our San Diego CEN Review course is the ideal class for the RN who is preparing to take the BCEN Certified Emergency Nurse (CEN) exam. Our two-day CEN Review course is designed to review the major/core topics covered by the most current version of the BCEN CEN exam, and it will discuss the principles of emergency nursing and management of conditions commonly seen in the Emergency setting.

San Diego CEN Review Course Content

  • Correlate the anatomy and physiology of the cardiovascular, neurological, reproductive, gastrointestinal, and renal systems to the care of the critically ill emergency department patient.
  • Discuss the current accepted standards for the transfer and transport of emergency patients.
  • Describe basic principles in disaster management and select appropriate triage categories for patients in clinical scenarios.
  • Devise a plan of care for patients experiencing physical and or psychological emergencies.
  • Summarize the rationale behind nursing interventions for patients presenting with a variety of physical and psychological emergencies.
  • Describe priorities and management strategies for selected environmental and toxicological emergencies.
  • Differentiate cardiogenic, hypovolemic, and distributive shock with regards to assessment and management.

Upon successful completion of the course, students should be able to:

  • Recognize signs and symptoms that may indicate a specific emergency condition.
  • Describe appropriate nursing interventions and medical treatments for selected emergency conditions.
  • List appropriate pharmacological treatments for specific emergency conditions.

Who Should Take This Course

Emergency Room Nurses and anyone preparing to take the CEN Exam.

About Our San Diego CEN Review Course

Our San Diego CEN Review Course is a review of emergency nursing designed to assist the participant in successfully obtaining CEN certification. The course offers lectures, graphics, videos, and practice questions in many of the areas that are tested on the CEN Exam. Students will review the most current clinical information and best practices in emergency nursing, including understanding patient assessments, describing various patient presentations, and listing necessary interventions in emergency care.

This review will provide not only a knowledge base for successfully completing the exam, but also a foundation for further study as the participant works towards emergency nursing certification.