What Are CEUs and CMEs?

Attending a traditional ACLS class in San Diego gives you a learning experience that is rewarding in more ways than one. To make things better, the schedule of ACLS classes in San Diego is flexible, allowing you to find time in your own busy schedule to attend the course. As long as you possess the qualifications for ACLS, you can start any time.

But if you are expected to be ACLS-certified due to your job requirements or ambitions, you might be wondering if there are any other perks that come with the certification. For instance, does an ACLS course count as CEU? Read on to learn more about continuing education units and continuing medical education.

What are CEU hours?

Continuing Education Units or CEUs are units of credit awarded to professionals in a certain field for participating in an accredited education or training program in the total duration of 10 contact hours. A contact hour lasts 60 minutes.

The purpose of continuing education is to allow professionals, such as doctors or nurses, if we were to focus purely on the field of medicine, to remain certified or licensed to practise medicine. How many CEUs doctors and nurses need per year depends on the state.

How many CEUs do nurses need?

For the purpose of this article, we’ll focus on CEU from the point of view of medical professionals, although CEU is a requirement for various other professions.

The number of CEU contact hours that are required for nurses, and all other healthcare professionals, for that matter, depends on the state and/or the institution that a nurse works for or applies for. In case of Florida, the requirement for nurses is 20 contact hours.

Meeting this criterion on an annual basis is important because it ensures that a healthcare professional is capable of performing their work to the highest professional standards. In other words, the CEU requirement is not a formality but rather a way of protecting the reputation of the medical profession and looking out for the best interest of the patients.

Are CME and CEU the same?

Not exactly, as CEU means a Continuing Education Unit, while CME stands for Continuing Medical Education. CME consists of activities whose primary purpose is the education and/or training of medical professionals. These activities are aimed at helping doctors and nurses maintain, increase or further develop their expertise, knowledge, performance and skills.

Some states or institutions require their doctors and nurses to obtain a certain number of CME credits every year. In general, the term CME concerns various educational events based on which CME credits are awarded. CME credits have to be authorized by the American Medical Association Physician’s Recognition Award.

Life support courses in the context of CME and CEU

When it comes to ACLS, NRP and PALS courses, the number of CEU or CME contact hours awarded to the course participant depends on whether it is the initial or a renewal course:

  • certification courses are approved for 8 CEU/CME contact hours;
  • recertification courses are approved for 4 CEU/CME contact hours.

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